tgomkThis lowering of the bar for what was acceptable in middle class circles, and the apparent democratization of culture, were interpreted by Marxists as a sign that society was moving toward a classless state. McKay was a one-time Marxist who, like many intellectuals of his generation, visited the Soviet Union and even participated in the Fourth Congress of the Third Internationale. As we look at excerpts from Home to Harlem and Banjo, it is important to keep these prevailing ideologies in mind – Africanisme, Freudianism, and Marxism. For while McKay subscribed to prevailing theories of Freudian repression and the healing …


ynhdrRAID repair is often necessary when the hard drive array system is corrupted. RAID means redundant array of independent disks and this works together in order to minimize data loss. Sometimes, RAID can also give the computer system additional processing speed. But overall, this is designed in order to duplicate the files that are saved in order to reduce its loss. Data like business databases, pictures, music, movies, and many others can be saved with a RAID. However, if this is not working properly, it is recommended to perform a professional RAID repair immediately.

Attempting a repair without appropriate knowledge is not …


jcwin the long run, both jazz and classical music show every sign of thriving. During the 1950s Thelonious Monk sold pitifully few records compared with Patti Page. It is of course tragic that Monk did not live to see the tables turned. Yet turned they are – and likely to remain so for posterity.

Now let us step back from the vicissitudes of the current marketplace and look briefly at music history. At its broadest, the term “classical music” covers all European (and some American) art music since the Middle Ages. But as a practical matter, what most people mean by “classical …


Whether it’s caused by a disaster like a fire or flood, by malicious corruption, or purely by accident, magnetic data can often be retrieved. It takes an expert using sophisticated, state-of-the art technology, but data recovery specialist firms claim success rates of more than 90%.

“If the data is there, we can get it back,” asserts Jeffrey McDonald, UK business development manager for the U.S.-based Hard Disk Recovery Services. It’s only when it isn’t there, for example when a [SAVE command] has not worked, that we have to tell the client we can’t do it.”

Not all “drive failures” are real, …


usmSnoring is one of the inconvenient things many people suffer from especially at a certain stage of life. The soft tissues behind the back end of the throat are involved in causing snoring disorders. Sleeping on back assists fallback jaws, causing block of the air passage and finally, snoring. Therefore, keeping jaws in right place while sleeping makes you snoreless. In order to keep the jaws in right place during the sleep you can use snoring mouthpiece. Reading few authentic snoring mouthpiece reviews can help you choose the best one as your requirements.

Though different remedies are used in treating snoring disorder, the last one is surgery. It is well known that any surgery costs much compared to other options available. In addition, there are risks of adverse side effects. The most dangerous risk is that enough scar tissue could form within the throat as a result of the incisions to make the airway narrower than it was prior to surgery. So it is better to use a snoring mouthpiece which has no side effects. You can also look at some interesting snoring remedies here. It can be molded desirably and used very conveniently. This device holds the jaws firmly positioned forward. This helps to breathe normally through (more…)


cd-rNews that the levy on CD-Recordables (CD-R) and digital audio tapes DAT) would be suspended temporarily came as a pleasant surprise to IT managers who spent the first two weeks of the year scrounging for backup media. The saga, however, has only gotten more complicated.

The Canadian Copyright Board isn’t expected to decide on the details of the levy until this spring, which meant that importers and manufacturers had to raise their prices for the worst-case scenario. However, on Jan.18, the Canadian Private Copying Collective, an organization set up by the Canadian recording industry to collect the funds, announced that it will …


uimsdYou have been dreaming to make money from your online business. You have heard stories about people becoming millionaires overnight through their internet business and you wonder why you are not experiencing the same. It is high time for you to find help in making your business easily seen in the internet. Internet marketing companies are here to help you make your business grow fast.

If your business is based in the San Diego area, you don’t need to look far for companies that can help you with search optimization. There are several internet marketing San Diego companies that have excellent …


cbbWilliam Golding’s “Lord Of The Flies” shows that a society with a fragile structure of rules will ultimately break down. We’re just about approaching that meltdown point with the Web, and it all centers on copyright protection.

There’s nothing new about the copyright argument itself. Copyrights protect expression and not facts, ideas or information. In its current iteration, almost anything published on the Web can be considered copyrighted the moment it is published. But at least one new software product allows users to alter the look of Web pages and, therefore, modify a corporation’s form of expression.

The technology is from Third …


meaWhen facing a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, you may feel anxious, but there are some natural ways to find relief that you may try. Even if you don’t feel pain in all your joints, you should protect them from heavy physical activities. Your joints will be safe and later you will see the benefits of this protection. This is only one type help with rheumatoid arthritis, but there are other methods you can try. There is a lot of rheumatoid arthritis experts out there, but here are some tips from us. One of them is mild exercise. You do not have to run …

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gaagjToday there exists a group of artists who specialize in jazz-themed art, and their work is selling better than ever. For them, the desire to create jazz art stems from a deep affinity with the music and its visual interpretations. And galleries across the country are taking notice. From private sales to festival posters and corporate commissions, jazz art is making it to the big time.

The Appeal of Jazz Art

The rise in demand for jazz art can be attributed to the strong economy and the growth of the art market in general. But there are also a number of specific …